Newborn Photo Sessions

A newborn photo session is a great way to capture those first few days in a baby’s life.

Sessions should occur within the first 10 days after the baby is born.  Within this period, babies sleep more, and a sleepy baby is exactly what we want for a session.  They are also smaller and more “moldable” and will curl up nicely into the poses we want to see.  This does not mean that we cannot conduct sessions beyond the first 10 days, but that is the ideal time.

Generally, all sessions are in-studio.  We use a number of props, outfits and backdrops and together with all of our photography equipment, providing on-location sessions (and all of the additional work that goes into doing so) adds significant time and cost to the session.

Sessions are scheduled for 2 hour periods.  They could be completed earlier and they may run longer.  Babies are not adept at following directions, so we have to work around their moods, feedings, etc.  We try to schedule newborn sessions for a time when the baby has been recently fed and is likely to sleep, but that does not always go as hoped.  If you come in for a session and your baby is not in the mood for photos, just do your best to settle him or her and don’t stress about it.  We have a good window of time for the session and usually newborns will settle down soon enough and we can get to work.

Get in touch early to book your newborn session.

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